Understand Korean: Element 1 – Asian Languages and Language Households

So, you have usually been fascinated by Asian lifestyle have you? Perhaps you are someone who loves the martial arts kung fu, tae-kwon-do, or karate. Probably you are fascinated in the cool oriental shops and like to purchase a lot of issues from them to decorate your home. Maybe you like the peaceful modern society you see depicted in some Asian movies. Or possibly you are just amazingly in love with the Asian languages these kinds of as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

What ever your curiosity is in Asia and its society, it could never ever hurt to know a tiny bit about the lifestyle. In fact, studying about something more than is Myasianztv revealed in motion videos and your Korean dramas can be quite beneficial.

My knowledge is with Korean lifestyle and Korean language, but the society is equivalent in most Asian nations.

Language Households

One particular of the primary items you might have observed is how amazingly diverse the Asian languages are from English. You occur across languages such as Italian, Spanish, and French, and you can at minimum discover some similarities in those languages and English. Yet there look to be none amongst English and Asian languages! The fact is they just come from different language people. Most European languages will tumble in the very same language household as English. Many of these are in the Indo-European language people. Phrases will be related in between all of the languages that come from the same household.

Asian languages this kind of as Japanese and Korean are in the same language loved ones, the Altaic family. You will discover many similarites in these two languages. Mandarin Chinese comes from the Sino-Tibetan family.

Altaic Family members

The Altaic family members is named after the Alti Mountains. They are located in Central Asia. The Altaic Loved ones is composed of Turkish, Mongolian, Korean, and Japanese. Out of these, Turkish is the most western of the languages, although Korean and Japanese are far more jap.

Sino-Tibetan Family members

The Sino-Tibetan Loved ones is made up of Mandarin Chinese. Languages in this language family are manufactured up of 1 syllable words, but there are Many. There is no basic alphabet to kind these phrases, which triggers the large amount of Chinese characters, creating it one of the toughest languages to understand. You also must understand to speak, read through, and compose all individually. There is no studying a word and being capable to communicate it, nor can you hear 1 and guess on how it is spelled. Creating is still fully on it’s own even if you can read, because you have to use appropriate stroke orders! Very time consuming to learn.

There are also many tones in these languages. A adjust in pitch while expressing a word could change the which means of the word completely. It tends to make the language seem quite quite when spoken, but is exceptionally tough to understand!

Sentence Structure

As with many Asian languages, a common fact you will observe is several of the languages stick to an SOV sentence framework. That is, Subject, Object, Verb. English tends to location the verb right after the matter of the sentence. Asian languages location the verb at the very end of the sentence. The most crucial portion of the sentence is saved for very last 🙂 Will not we all help save the best for last?

Despite the fact that a lot of the society evolves all around the language, there is plenty far more to tradition. Korean tradition is incredible in every single way. Appear forward to foreseeable future posts covering Korean culture.